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Are all these yours? Oh no the other 4 are at home with their father.

Yes, we know what birth Control is.
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This community is for parents of large families. Or people who are considering a large family. What do I consider large? 4 or more children is large. You wont be rejected based on the amount of offspring you have. Frankly, if you want to come watch the circus that is a large family you are free to join. However, we have a few rules...
1. Be respectful
2. No snarking...if you are caught snarking from this community consider yourself banned for life.
3. I am all for a healthy debate but keep it clean no name calling, and if you choose to involve yourself in the debate dont whine to me that you got your feelings hurt.

Thats it. Not to hard. Just use the golden rule.
Things this community is for...
Exchanging recipes
posting pictures...(if large behind a cut please)
Asking questions
Getting ideas on how to handle the little rugrats
ect ect

Membership is moderated to try and keep the freaks out, but posts will be public EXCEPT for posts with pictures of your children please lock those for your own safety.